Prof. Sergey Tarapov from Ukraine visited C-UFO
Author : Qiu-Lan Huang

On 31st March, 2016,Prof. Sergey Tarapov from Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics (IRE) National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine visited C-UFO. He gave a public talk on "Magnetoactive metamaterials. Experiment at Microwaves". Prof. Bao-Lin Zhang hosted the talk.





Prof. Sergey Tarapov's area of activity is applied electrodynamics,low-temperature physics;microwave radiospectroscopy and solid state physics.The results of Sergey Tarapov include the design of the Technique for Electron Spin Resonance of very low Temperatures and very High Frequencies and studied magnetic nanostructures for telecommunications tasks;the design of the volumetric and planar photonic crystals for application at extra-high-frequency technologies;the demonstration of left handed behaviour for natural/ synthesized materials for extra-high frequency band and revealing and analyzing the left handed behaviour for chiral metamaterials.Lecture is devoted to research of artificial media of microwave band (composite media, photonic crystals, left-handed media, chiral media ) including magnetic elements; analysis of their features. The methods of research are: experimental, numerical, analytical. The appearence of transparency of left-handed structures including magnets is demonstrated The possibilities of implementation the structures under study into design of elements of extra-high frequency electronics are demonstrated.