Prof. Gurzadyan from Dalian Univ. of Thech. visited C-UFO
Author : X. P. Wang

On 11th Jaunary, 2016, Prof. Gurzadyan from Dalian University of Thechnology visted C-UFO. He gave a public talk on "Ultrafast dynamics in molecules, thin films, organic crystals, graphene". Prof. Hong-Bo Sun host the talk.


    Prof. Gagik G. Gurzadyan received his PhD from Moscow State University in 1983. Since 1991, he worked at the Max-Planck Institute, Humboldt University of Berlin and Technical University of Munich (Germany), at the Nuclear Research Center Saclay (France). In 2008 he joined Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) as a full-time visiting professor. In September 2015, he was appointed at Dalian University of Technology as Professor. G.G.Gurzadyan is an expert in ultrafast laser spectroscopy; he pioneered two-quantum laser photochemistry and photobiology of DNA. His Handbook of Nonlinear Optical Crystals is used as a textbook in University courses of many countries. This book was also translated to Chinese.