Prof. See-Leang Chin from Laval Univ.visited C-UFO
Author : X. P. Wang

Prof. Chin, from Laval University in Canada, visited C-UFO on 17th August, 2015, and gave a public talk on “Femtosecond laser filament induced snow/rain fall in a cloud chamber”. Prof. Huai-Liang Xu hosted the talk.

    Prof. Chin received his BSc and PhD degree in Physics from National Taiwan University and University of Waterloo in 1964 and 1969, respectively. After his PhD, he joined in Laval University and has worked there until now. He was appointed as a full professor at Laval University in 1982. Prof. Chin is among the leading scientists to advance the fundamental understanding and prospective applications of filamentation of intense femtosecond laser pulses in an optical medium.
    Prof. Chin has received many distinctions honors and awards in his career, for example, OSA fellow (1995), Humboldt Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Research Foundation (1999), Canada Research Chair (senior) on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science (2001-2014), Honourary Doctor of Science degree, University of Waterloo (2008), CAP (Canadian Association of Physicists) medal of lifetime achievement in physics (2011) etc.
    Prof. Chin’s expertise covers ultrafast intense laser filamentation, femtosecond laser fluorescence, intense laser ionization, dissociation, atoms and molecules, population trapping, super-excited states, ultrafast laser material processing.