20th NSPC attendance and details
Author : X. P. Wang

The 20th National Semiconductor Physics Conference (NSPC) was held on July 16-19, 2015, Lin Fen, China. Associate Prof. Xian-Bin Li, graduate students: Dan Wang, Nian-Ke Chen, Xue-Peng Wang, Jia-Ren Du and Hui Zheng took part in the conference. Associate Prof. Xian-Bin Li and the graduate student Dan Wang gave a invited speech, Hui Zheng gave a oral presentation, Nian-Ke Chen and Jia-Ren Du gave poster exhibition. Specifically, Jia-Ren Du won the outstanding poster exhibition award, only ten out 111 poster exhibitioners.

    The NSPC has a long history which was hold every odd year since 1977. It’s one of the most authoritative conference nationally in the field of Semiconductor Physics. The  conference summarize the latest research achievements of the past two years, providing a very good stage for the researchers and young graduate students to communicated personally, vividly with each other, and a very cherished chance to converse with the famous scientist face-to-face.