Dr. Patrick Lo Guo-Qiang from Singapore IME visited C-UFO
Author : Yuan-Yuan Yue

Dr. Patrick Lo Guo-Qiang, from Singapore Institute of Microelectronics (IME), visited C-UFO on 2th May, 2017, and gave a public talk on "Recent Advances in Silicon-based Photonics". Prof. Jun-Feng Song hosted the talk.

Dr. Patrick Lo Guo-Qiang published more than 200 academic journals papers and international conference papers. He has more than 30 US patents. He was awarded the Smithsonian Award of the American Society of Engineers in 2007 to reward his work on silicon/germanium nanowire devices. He has twice won the Singapore National Presidential Technology Award (Singapore's highest technology award), he served as IEEE JSTQE guest editor.

Silicon-based photonics was proposed in the 1980s. It has been developed rapidly, in the past ten years. Silicon-based optoelectronic integrated devices are widely studied in many fields such as optical fiber communication, optical interconnection, optical sensing, quantum information, quantum computing and so on. In this report, Dr. Patrick Lo Guo-Qiang introduced the development of silicon-based photonics and the latest research results, especially the market applications in silicon-based optoelectronic devices, as well as the Singapore IME in silicon-based photonics technology and development results.