Prof. Billade Bhushan Bhaskar from OSO visited C-UFO
Author : Yuan-Yuan Yue

Prof. Billade Bhushan Bhaskar from Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden, visited C-UFO on 29th March, 2017. He gave a public talk on "Microwave instrument development at Onsala Space Observatory". Prof. Huai-Liang Xu hosted the talk.

Prof. Billade Bhushan Bhaskar earned his BSc in Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication from Aurangabad University, and MSc & Ph.D. from Chalmers University of Technology. Currently, he is the senior research engineer in the Onsala Space Observatory, which is Swedish national facility for radio astronomy and operates several radio telescopes. He has 8+ years of experience in RF/Microwave devices and system design. He experienced in designing RF/microwave devices such as mixers, low noise amplifiers, filters and waveguide components ranging from 100 MHz up to THz frequencies. He experienced in technical project management and system engineering. He has a Good knowledge of designing different types of antennas. He experienced in MMIC design. He has the capability of designing RF/microwave systems from concept, design, testing to final product. He possesses good knowledge of thin film fabrication processes.