Based on ultrafast lasers, our research is focused on two aspects: (i) nonlinear light-matter interaction control for fabrication of micro-nanostructures and devices, and (ii) transient spectroscopy for photo-electronic and electro-photonic conversion dynamics exploration. First principle and electromagnetic calculations are indispensable for deep insight into material and device physics.

In ultrafast spectroscopy studies, we are concerning about (a) light harvesting and carriers transportation dynamics of solar cells; (b) light emission dynamics of, for example, organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs); and (c) combustion and atmosphere diagnosis by fs laser filamentation.

In laser micronanofabrication research, we are utilizing femtosecond laser as an enabling tool to fabricate devices that are otherwise not possible, either because of hard-processing materials or due to the complexity of spatial structures. Breakthroughs have been made on microdevices for (a) micro-optics, (b) microelectronics, (c) micromechanics, (d) microfluidics, (e) organic optoelectronics, and (f) harsh environmental sensing, as well as (g) biological and (h) biomimetic fabrications.

The vision of the lab is continuously providing technical solutions and innovative device prototypes for optoelectronic industries including display, sensing and optical communication.