• Fighting the COVID-19: C-UFO helds meetings of scientific trainings

    2020 is a tough and challenging year for all the world. Nearly all the labs are impacted by the COVID-19. During the difficult time, lab of C-UFO actively held online learning meetings to improve the capabilities of teachers and students, while working together to fight the COVID-19. For example, we invited many great scientists, such as Prof. Shining Zhu, Prof. Dinping Tsai, Prof. Xinxin Li, P...

  • AM publishes our paper as a cover story

    Bing Han’s paper Plasmonic-assisted graphene oxide artificial muscles, Adv. Mater., 31, 1806386 (2019) was selected as the front cover story. She presented a holistic artificial muscle with light-add...

  • Prof. Andrius Baltuska from Netherlands visited C-UFO

    Prof. Andrius Baltuška received the diploma in physics from Vilnius University, Lithuania, in 1993 and a Ph.D. degree in chemical physics from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, in 2000. S...

Dr. Fang-Wen Sun from USTC visited C-UFO 2013-07-22
International Workshop on Ultrafast Laser Optoelectronics 2013-07-11
Warm Congratulation for the graduation of our 17 students! 2013-07-11
Prof. Chi-Ming Che from HKU visited C-UFO 2013-06-14
Rui Yang won "Outstanding Academic Award" at OFSC2013 2013-05-27
Prof. Michael Withford from Macquarie Univ. visited C-UFO 2013-05-07
Mr. Zhen-Nan Tian won "Outstanding Student Paper Award" at 2013-04-24
Prof Jun Liu from CIAC-CAS visited C-UFO 2013-04-12
Laser and Photonics Reviews Foldout 2013-02-23
Advanced Optical Materials Frontispiece 2013-02-22
Prof. Min Qiu from Zhejing Univ. visted C-UFO 2013-01-17
Prof. Kwang-Sup Lee from Hannam Univ. visited C-UFO 2012-12-29
Prof. Dongpyo Kim visited C-UFO 2012-12-08
Journal of Materials Chemistry Cover 2012-11-13
Prof. Shu Hotta visited C-UFO 2012-10-09
Prof. Min Gu visited C-UFO 2012-09-18
4th National Optics Workshop of Young Scientists 2012-08-21
Prof. Hiroaki Misawa and Prof. Kosei Ueno visited C-UFO 2012-08-05
Ran Zhang won "the best poster award" at AMN2012 2012-06-10
Congratulations to 16 students on their graduation! 2012-06-04
Advanced Materials Cover 2012-03-01
Advanced Funtional Materials Cover 2012-03-01