Prof. Kwang-Sup Lee from Hannam Univ. visited C-UFO 2012-12-29
Prof. Dongpyo Kim visited C-UFO 2012-12-08
Journal of Materials Chemistry Cover 2012-11-13
Prof. Shu Hotta visited C-UFO 2012-10-09
Prof. Min Gu visited C-UFO 2012-09-18
4th National Optics Workshop of Young Scientists 2012-08-21
Prof. Hiroaki Misawa and Prof. Kosei Ueno visited C-UFO 2012-08-05
Ran Zhang won "the best poster award" at AMN2012 2012-06-10
Congratulations to 16 students on their graduation! 2012-06-04
Advanced Materials Cover 2012-03-01
Advanced Funtional Materials Cover 2012-03-01
Chemistry Cover 2012-03-01
Angewandte Chemie Cover 2012-03-01
ChemistryViews: Biomimetic Surfaces 2012-02-08 Graphene Mimics the Hydrophobic Nature of Butte 2012-02-08 Graphene Rainbow 2012-02-08
Chmistry World: Rainbow hued graphene oxide repels water 2012-02-08 Iridescence and superhydrophobicity combined on 2012-02-08