Yun-Lu Sun's work is highlighted by Laser & Optoelectronics 2015-09-25
Yu Jin'work is highlighted by Materials Views Chin 2014-01-02
Prof. Stefan Kröll from Lund Univ. visits C-UFO 2013-11-06
Prof. Lin Li, FREng from Univ. Manchester UK visits C-UFO 2013-10-23
Yue-Feng Liu'work is selected as HOT article in Nanoscal 2013-10-08
Prof. Andrey L. Rogach from City Univ. of HK visits C-UFO 2013-10-08
Prof. Wei-Wei Liu from Nankai Univ. visits C-UFO 2013-09-26
Prof. Shi-Xue Dou from Univ. Wollongong visits C-UFO 2013-09-22
Prof. Jin-Hai Si from XJTU visits C-UFO 2013-09-17
Two “Outstanding Student Report” Awards from 2013 CNCOS 2013-09-17
Prof. Quan-Zhong Zhao from SIOM-CAS visits C-UFO 2013-08-27
Xue-Qing Liu won "Best Presentation Award" at Optics2013 2013-08-19
Prof. Li Zhang from CUHK visited C-UFO 2013-08-12
Prof. Lei Liao Wuhan Univ. visited C-UFO 2013-08-12
Prof. Ling-Hai Xie from NJUPT visited C-UFO 2013-08-05
3rd China-Korea Joint Workshop on Polymer Photonics 2013-08-01
Dr. Xian-Bin Li won "Best Poster Award" at SPC2013 2013-07-26
Dr. Fang-Wen Sun from USTC visited C-UFO 2013-07-22
International Workshop on Ultrafast Laser Optoelectronics 2013-07-11
Warm Congratulation for the graduation of our 17 students! 2013-07-11
Prof. Chi-Ming Che from HKU visited C-UFO 2013-06-14
Rui Yang won "Outstanding Academic Award" at OFSC2013 2013-05-27