Four Students Attended the 2016 MRS Falling Meeting 2016-12-09
Prof. Ke He from Tsinghua University visited C-UFO 2016-11-29
Prof. Eunkyoung Kim from Yonsei University visited C-UFO 2016-11-29
Prof. Kwang-Sup Lee from Hannam University visited C-UFO 2016-11-29
Four Students Attended the 10th NPMSE Symposium 2016-11-22
Prof. Paras N. Prasad from SUNY visited C-UFO 2016-10-31
C-UFO Organized 9th Sino-German SODC 2016-10-29
Prof. Guo-Zhen Yang from CAS visited C-UFO 2016-10-12
Prof. Jun Ye from JILA visited C-UFO 2016-10-12
Two Students Participated National Conference on Photonics 2016-10-12
Prof. Yuen-Ron Shen from Univ. California visited C-UFO 2016-10-12
Materials Views China highlights our actuators fabrication 2016-09-30
Prof. Ya Cheng from SIOM visited C-UFO 2016-09-29
Prof. Baltuška from Vienna Univ. of Tech. visited C-UFO 2016-09-29
Prof. Yan Li from Peking University visited C-UFO 2016-09-25
Dr. Xi-Feng Ren from USTC visited C-UFO 2016-09-25
Prof. Pavel Polynkin from Univ. of Arizona visited C-UFO 2016-09-21
Dr. You-Qi Ke from Shanghai Tech. Univ. visited C-UFO 2016-09-20
Two Students Attended the 9th SOPO Conference 2016-09-05
Six Students Attended the 3rd NSUS Conference 2016-09-01
Three Students Attended the 37th PIERS Conference 2016-08-31
33rd ICPS Attendance and Details 2016-08-28