Prof. Fei Gao from Singapore visited C-UFO 2017-12-26
Prof. Xue-Qing Yan from Beijing University visited C-UFO 2017-12-16
Prof. Victor Dmitriev from Brazil visited C-UFO 2017-11-16
Prof. Zhi Jin from Institute of microelectronics, Chinese ac 2017-10-27
Pro. Wei-Jia Yang from Wuhan Anyang laser technology co. LTD 2017-09-25
Dr. Juan-Xiu Xiao from Singapore visited C-UFO 2017-09-16
Prof. Hong-Bo Sun was selected as COS Fellow 2017-08-21
Prof. Ya-Pei Wang from Renmin Univ. of China visited C-UFO 2017-07-21
Prof. Cheng-Wei Qiu from Singapore visited C-UFO 2017-07-20
Dr. Xu Shi from Hokkaido University visited C-UFO 2017-07-20
Dr. Quan Sun from Hokkaido University visited C-UFO 2017-07-20
Four Students Attended LPM 2017 2017-06-14
Warm Congratulation for the 2017 graduation 2017-06-08
3D Printing to Replicate Complex Structures Found in Nature 2017-05-26
Dr. Nina Meinzer from Nature Communications visited C-UFO 2017-05-16
Dr. Patrick Lo Guo-Qiang from Singapore IME visited C-UFO 2017-05-16
Prof. Billade Bhushan Bhaskar from OSO visited C-UFO 2017-04-01
Nature Communications: Uncover a mystery in MoS2 monolayer 2017-01-05