Pro. Wei-Jia Yang from Wuhan Anyang laser technology co. LTD
Author : Xin Chen

Pro. Wei-Jia Yang from Wuhan Anyang laser technology co. LTD,  visited C-UFO on 25th September, 2017 and gave the public talk on " The latest development of ultrafast fiber laser and its application in medical industry ". Prof. Qi-Dai Chen hosted the talk.
Pro. Wei-Jia Yang is a graduate of the centre for optoelectronics research at the university of Southampton in the UK, where he studied with professor Peter Kazansky, an expert in ultrafast photonics.The research results during my doctoral study were published in core journals including natural Photonics, which were repeatedly reported by mainstream photoelectronic media such as Photonics and Laser Focus World, and made special reports at international optical conferences.
After graduation, He worked in the internationally renowned ultra-fast optical fiber laser company Fianium company in the UK. In 2015, I joined in wuhan anyang laser technology co., LTD., in charge of marketing and laser application.
He once won the title of national excellent self-funded international student in 2008 and is now a director of China optics society.