Dr. Jing-Shan Luo from EPFL visited C-UFO 2015-12-25
Prof. Anming Hu from University of Tennessee visited C-UFO 2015-12-25
Dr. Zuankai Wang from University of Hong Kong visited C-UFO 2015-12-25
Three students joined the MRS 2015 2015-12-09
2015 Ultrafast Laser Micrfabrication Conference in Xi'an 2015-12-09
Prof. Peter Herman from University of Toronto visited C-UFO 2015-12-02
Prof. Jin-Min Li form CAS visited C-UFO 2015-12-01
Five students joined the GRAPCHINA 2015 2015-11-11
Dr. Jing-Lin Fu from Rutgers University visited C-UFO 2015-10-28
Yun-Lu Sun’s work has been published on Nat. Commun. 2015-10-22
Two students joined the 15th NVMTS 2015-10-18
Zhen-Nan Tian's work was amongst the top downloads in OL 2015-10-16
Prof. Katsuhiko Ariga from NIMS visited C-UFO 2015-10-08
Dr. Yves Bellouard from EPFL visted C-UFO 2015-10-08
Advances in Engineering highlights our recent work 2015-09-30
Chinese Science Bulletin highlights our recent work 2015-09-25
Dan Wang's work is highlighted by Chinese Science Bulletin 2015-09-25
Prof. See-Leang Chin from Laval Univ.visited C-UFO 2015-09-10
2015 summer school for Micro/nanofabrication 2015-09-09
Four students joined the SPTA Summer School 2015-09-09
20th NSPC attendance and details 2015-09-09
Prof. Noriaki Horiuchi from Nature Photonics visited C-UFO 2015-09-07