Prof. Victor Dmitriev from Brazil visited C-UFO
Author : Xin Chen

Prof. Victor Dmitriev from Federal University of  Pará Technological Institute Belem, Para, Brazil, visited C-UFO on 18th  November, 2017 and gave the public talk on " Graphene-based THz control and nonreciprocal components". Prof. Qi-Dai Chen hosted the talk.

Professor Victor Dmitriev  introduced Brazil's geographical location, local customs and local characteristics, as well as the state of para federal university in Brazil. In a relaxed atmosphere, professor Victor Dmitriev introduced the graphene-based terahertz technology from the following aspects.Firstly, the solution of terahertz frequency band, electromagnetic wave equation and the advantage of graphene in terahertz device are introduced.Then, the main scientific problem, namely, frequency selection surface, is proposed, which has an important influence on the requirements of the device and the solution of related equations.Finally, he introduced the methods to solve the problem in detail, such as setting equations and boundary conditions, selecting solution software and establishing graphene digital model.After the report, professor Victor Dmitriev also exchanged and discussed with teachers and students.In a vivid and concrete way, teachers and students have a new understanding of graphene in terahertz technology.