Prof. Zhi Jin from Institute of microelectronics, Chinese ac
Author : Xin Chen

Researcher Zhi Jin from Institute of microelectronics, Chinese academy of sciences visited C-UFO on 27th October, 2017 and gave the public talk on " Research progress of compound semiconductor MMIC/TMIC ". Prof. Qi-Dai Chen hosted the talk.
Researcher Zhi jin from institute of the institute of microelectronics, Chinese academy of sciences, gives a detailed report on the research progress of compound semiconductor MMIC/TMIC in the meeting room D314, tang aoqing building, college of electronic science and engineering, oct 27, 2017.The researcher's report starts from the following four aspects;Firstly, the present situation of institute of microelectronics of cas is briefly introduced, including its subject background, core business, organizational structure and talent team.Then introduces the research background, namely to promote the wireless signal transmission speed, the construction of 5 g high speed wireless transmission, which requires the semiconductor device has a higher frequency and more power, and compound semiconductor devices because of its good performance will be a relatively ideal choice, given the demand compound semiconductor MMIC/TMIC receive more attention, also introduced the compound semiconductor some applications in other fields.Finally, the research status of compound semiconductor MMIC and the research of compound semiconductor of microelectronics institute were introduced in detail.After the report, Kim also exchanged views on 5G with teachers and students.The research progress of compound semiconductor has been realized vividly and concretely.