3D Printing to Replicate Complex Structures Found in Nature
Author : Yuan-Yuan Yue

Prof. Hong-Bo Sun and Prof. Qi-Dai Chen guided a research on 3D Printing to Replicate Complex Structures Found in Nature, which is highlighted in 3D Printing, Science & Technology. A recent publication, “Angle-multiplexed optical printing of biomimetic hierarchical 3D textures” [Laser Photonics Rev. 11, 1600187 (2017)], introduce their studied patterns in nature to create 3D printed textured polymer surfaces that combine different mechanical, structural and optical properties.

The research team used 3D printing on the nanoscale to quickly and easily mimic the hierarchical patterns found in nature. By utilizing a technique called two-beam interference lithography, they were able to print complex structures with large surface areas, cascading resolutions, and 3D surface profiles. By carefully controlling the exposure, they were able to create 3D textured surfaces, with comparable aspect ratios, at scales ranging from 4 μm to 300 nm and heights ranging from 0.9 μm to 40 nm.

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