Fighting the COVID-19: C-UFO helds meetings of scientific trainings
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2020 is a tough and challenging year for all the world. Nearly all the labs are impacted by the COVID-19. During the difficult time, lab of C-UFO actively held online learning meetings to improve the capabilities of teachers and students, while working together to fight the COVID-19. For example, we invited many great scientists, such as Prof. Shining Zhu, Prof. Dinping Tsai, Prof. Xinxin Li, Prof. Min Gu, Prof. Xianfeng Chen and so on, to introduce the frontal progresses in different scientific fields. In addition, the series of meetings of "Skills and Trainings of Practical Research Tools" are welcomed by students. For example, Prof. Yonglai Zhang shared the skills to write a review paper; Prof. Yonglai Zhang and Dongdong Han shared the skills of drawing beautiful pictures using AI and PPT; Prof. Xulin Zhang shared the basic techniques and advanced experiences of MATLAB, which makes students can solve equations and draw various pictures; Dr. Zhenze Li shared the basics and skills to use LaTeX; Also, we invited Prof. Linlin Han and Honghua Fang from Tsinghua University to share their experiences on the management of literatures using Endnote and Mendeley, and so on. Such kinds of meetings will be held continuously. We hope everyone in lab of C-UFO can handle these tools and skills and thus paves their way to scientific researches.


2020年对全世界来说都是充满考验与艰辛的一年。由于新冠病毒的肆虐,国内外各个实验室的研究都受到了冲击。在最艰难的时刻, C-UFO实验室在众志成城抗战疫情的同时,积极举办线上学习交流会议,提高师生科研能力。例如,实验室特别邀请了祝世宁老师、蔡定平老师、李昕欣老师、顾敏老师、陈险峰老师等专业大拿科学家为大家讲解各个领域的最新进展。另外,实验室举办的“实用科研工具培训会”也受到广大师生的一致好评。例如,张永来老师分享了综述文章写作方法和技巧;张永来老师和韩冬冬老师分享了用AIPPT做出精美图片的技巧;张旭霖老师分享了MATLAB入门及进阶经验,让零基础的同学也能用MATLAB解方程并做出各式各样的图片;李臻赜博士分享了LaTeX入门及技巧;另外,还邀请了清华大学的林琳涵老师和方红华老师为大家分享了文献管理软件EndnoteMendeley的入门基础和使用技巧,等等。类似的培训将继续开展,让每一位加入C-UFO实验室的学生都能掌握这些实用的工具和技巧,铺平科研之路。