Warm Congratulation for the 2014 graduation
Author : Xianbin Li

List for Doctorate Recipient (2014 summer)

Mr. Chao Chen, Mr. Dong Han, Mr. Lei Wang, Mr. Rui Yang, Ms. Si-Zhu Wu, Ms. Tong Jiang, and Mr. Yue-Feng Liu.


List for Masterate Recipient (2014 summer)

Mr. Bo-Si Yang, Mr. Nian-Ke Chen, Mr. Shi-Yang Lu, Mr. Xu-Dong Liu, Mr. Yang Xue, Mr. Yang Yang, Ms. Ying Wang, and Mr. Zhen-Nan Tian.


Here, we sincerely give our best regards to all of the ladies and gentlemen above for their graduation in CUFO. We will never forget their great efforts and passion to focus on their research topic during the past several years. We hope that the CUFO motto “Success = Dream + Diligence + Method” is helpful for their future positions.


Good luck, boys and girls, CUFO is always with you!